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My name is Jon Thorne and I am the founder of the governing body for those who coach spatial awareness and timing. Here is my question to you. When we coach to what is conventionally measured as performance - we help others to better achieve what is conventionally measured as performance.  But, should we stop there?

You join as a player and/or as a coach

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How to find performance beyond what is conventionally measured

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We find performance beyond what is conventionally measured by timing how we exploit space.

I'd like you to squeeze together. 

​Feel the energy.

​Take two steps back.

​The drop in energy is space. Space is the absence of things.

It is the face between the flowers.

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Welcome: About


Answers to All Your Inquiries


Let’s get the standard stuff out of the way. All Games Coaching members must be welfare trained, with DBS, and first aid trained.

Instead of making Games Coaches operate to The Standard for games coaching we use three forms of peer review...​

  1. Peer review of Games Coaching members by players. All sessions are pay-as-you-go, with no trials, no squads, and players turn up because they want to. If players keep turning up they are giving their peer reviews of their Games Coaching. 

  2. Existing Games Coaching members peer review when someone can join as Games Coach

  3. Existing Games Coaching members peer review each other to maintain membership.

The second and third peer reviews follow these steps…

Step 1: Current Games Coaching members keep an eye out for players who attend our community sessions and who are very comfortable playing games to diversify their thinking and ask if they would like to explore joining.

Step 2: Those selected by current Games Coaches members attend a course on how the brain works in the most and least effective way while working alongside current Games Coaching members. No exams. No certificates. It’s just interesting. The basic content is outlined later on in this document.

Step 3: When 3 of the Games Coaching members confirm someone is ready to run their own sessions they are accepted as Games Coaching members of NeuroDiverseGamesCoaching.ORG

Step 4: Once a year all Games Coaching members attend a festival of games where we have fun as we play games to diversify our thinking as a way for of us all to peer review each other. 

Step 5: If 5 Games Coaching members agree a current Games Coaching member is no longer suitable to be a member that person is removed. If they want to come back they go back to Step 1.


When Games Coaches are working for other organisations those organisations policies apply as well as our policies.

Our policy for neurodiversity

We believe there are two types of teams. A team where everything makes sense. That is built on a collective belief that if everyone executes their piece of the jigsaw - everyone will succeed. Where team members act as one to fill space between them to shut down alternatives. Another type of team that delivers when nothing is making sense by moving through the space between things generating options as they go. A team that connects and flows - to give teammates options as theirs are running out. Team members maintain individual differences to phase the provision of a broad range of options. We build the connect and flow teams. We maintain individual differences. We avoid normalizing thinking to act as one.

Our inclusion policy

We will never exclude someone for struggling to meet The Standard of how to play particular sport. We play to move through the space between each other. As everyone can occupy a space - everyone can help frame space - so everyone can play a part in playing through the space between each other. The only way a player will be excluded is if they refuse to play in the space between others. Which means they break our “be kind” rule. 

Our "Be Kind" rule.

The "be kind" rule  - means players are expected to try to avoid restricting movement by imposing athletic dominance. They are expected to avoid giving players instructions to fit a jigsawed way of playing.

Our child protection policy

Our policy is to minimise the power distance between a coach and their players. Games Coaches are not allowed to rank, grade, select or deselect players on their ability to progress toward The Standard of the sport being played. There are no squads. No weekly commitment to play. There is no peer pressure to meet The Standard of the sport being played.

​Insurance policy

Games Coaches are responsible for their own insurance. We are currently seeking to partner with insurance providers to make this as easy as possible. 

Reporting procedure

All players, parents, and Games Coaches are encouraged to report anything they don’t like to our help centre where other Games Coaches are available to peer review the performance of another Games Coach. If that doesn’t resolve the issue it is passed to our governance committee.

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