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Wed, 06 Jul



Our most inclusive, gentle, Neurodiverse sessions of them all @ Hemel (2)

We give players a rest from having to following instructions

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More sessions are coming
Our most inclusive, gentle, Neurodiverse sessions of them all @ Hemel (2)
Our most inclusive, gentle, Neurodiverse sessions of them all @ Hemel (2)

Time & Location

06 Jul 2022, 18:00 – 19:00

HP3 8JH, HP3 8JH


About the event

This is our most inclusive, gentle, Neurodiverse sessions of them all. It used to be called Spectrum Basketball. This is why we do what we do!!!!

  • 6 to 7pm. 
  • It is at Longdean School, but the entrance is not the school. There is a separate entrance that you can only find by just putting the post code in - and nothing else - HP3 8JH
  • 9 years and upwards - Mixed - All ability.
  • There is a big "ish" with age. If it works for the player it works for us.
  • Full court

Any questions contact me on

We do Neurodiverse Sports Coaching is about showing players how to lift their potential beyond making fewer procedural mistakes. No trials. No drills. No technical skills coaching.  Nobody correcting procedural mistakes. Everyone is encouraged to find ways to express who they are as  players as we play for fun, fitness, and kindness. We get lost in the creative curiosity - as we laugh as we all  (teammates and opponents)  share in a dance of movement. A warm welcome is guaranteed.

Please note that Neurodiverse Sports Coaching is not connected to, supported by, or affiliated with any sports  governing body. 

What players and parents think

This  evening (Wednesday) we went to the most amazing basketball session in  Hemel at Longdean school. My son is autistic and has ADHD he struggles  to follow instruction and is extremely demand avoidant. This session  took all the barriers away for my son and he had the most amazing time,  his words “I loved it”. Well worth checking out

A young players - "I like Jon’s sessions because instead of telling us what to do we all just work it out ourselves" 

A parent - "It’s refreshing to see someone run a sports session with a focus on kindness and flexibility instead of adherence to set patterns based on traditional ways of learning. We have always been made to feel welcome and encouraged to participate and my children gain confidence by being part of something that requires teamwork. As an observer, I enjoy seeing the players thinking about not just themselves but the whole team. It’s not about just playing ball, it’s about creative thinking, consideration of others and teamwork" 

The app

It is easier to book on using our app which you can get by going to  your phone's app store, search for app called Spaces. Download.  And then enter this code QTKFDS

Pricing Policy

Don't let a lack of money stop you from coming. We free tickets.  Contact you don't need to explain - He will  just give you the code.

Inclusion policy

We  are Imaginatively open. When someone joins - no matter how good  or bad  they are at sport - everyone automatically imagines new ways for  them to  share in a dance of sport. Sharing a connection is more  important than  playing correctly so the rules of a sport are adapted so  that everyone  can share in the dance - this is for the best as well as  those who  physically struggle. Everyone is encouraged to find what  works for them  in their context and to keep doing it till it stops  working and then  stop while at the same time trying other ways to find  what else works  for them in their context. To be free-thinking. Openly  imaginative. We  want lots of alternative views on a given situation. We  value a  viewpoint that doesn’t make sense to others because they are  the most  imaginative. We want and seek neuro-diversity because having a  variety  of approaches that are constantly evolving to any one problem  creates a  high-performing, agile, creative, and inclusive community. We  promote  fresh thinking. We are open-minded. Inclusion is in our DNA.

Health and safety

The additional risk for what we do compared to Sports Coaching is  that we have a much wider range of abilities and ages. Sports Coaching  manages this risk by streaming players by ability and age. We manage  this risk in a different way so that we can safely bring a more diverse  group of people together.  Click here to see our risk assessment in a google doc.


  • Lets play ball

    We are a social enterprise. We use all profits to give those who are excluded or vulnerable to social exclusion a free experience of playing sports and games where everyone set's each other up to succeed. Where everyone constantly imagines other ways. Where everyone uses mistakes to find what is next and grow. Experiences to build a belief that they are not stuck as they are now. Thank you. Contact to get a free ticket

  • Pay it forward

    This "Pay it forward" ticket gives someone a free ticket to this event. They are typically people who suffer social exclusion because they think differently. They use our events to grow a belief in themselves that they can live a life of their making free from a fear of not being good enough in the eyes of others. Thank you!




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