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Thu, 21 Jul



Basketball League Level - Hemel (3)

Avoid the Neurolock caused by following performance pathways. Compete by constantly changing how you think. Get recruited to teams who want creative thinkers

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Basketball League Level  - Hemel (3)
Basketball League Level  - Hemel (3)

Time & Location

21 Jul 2022, 20:30 – 22 Jul 2022, 21:30



About the event


  • 8.30 to 9.30pm - we will expand to 2hrs - as the numbers grow. This is our first session.
  • It is at Longdean School, 10 minutes from Westminster Lodge - but the entrance is not the school. There is a separate entrance that you can only find by just putting the post code in - and nothing else - HP3 8JH - or it takes you the main school entrance. The easiest way is to use “What3Words” and they are ///guard.forks.fries
  • 16+ - Mixed - League Level - club and no club players are welcome. 

The league level sessions always prompt me to share why I am different.

I think it's because League-level players know how to play - they don't want basketball coaching - and I end up explaining that I don't do basketball coaching.

Anyway, here is my best answer to date.

  • We use the process of playing sports to diversify thinking.
  • People who diversify how they think - always find ways to improve
  • We are a solution to the Neurolock caused by following performance and learning pathways


The longer a team follows a performance and learning pathway the more time they repeat the same thoughts and actions and the more they Neurolock onto one way of thinking.

The Neurolock means the team lose the ability to make the small adjustments that are often needed to adapt to specific situations or individual needs in a given moment. 

Over time the inability to make these small adjustments add up to a major problem that requires the performance pathway to be adjusted. But, the team are Neurolocked onto the current pathway. The resulting resistance to change lowers performance.


Neurodiverse Sports Coaches provide a separate stream of activities that runs in parallel with performance and learning pathways to keep everyone diversifying their thinking to avoid Neurolock.

With this in place, everyone gets to follow performance and learning pathways and maintain the ability to adapt to get a result if it doesn’t work. We get consistency, adaptability, inclusion, and performance.


At this moment we are not recognised, supported, or affiliated with any Sports Governing body. We hope this will change as our message spreads. A message that will improve the delivery of performance pathways and dramatically raise the standards of coaches and players. A message that will deliver the skills needed to overcome Neurolock and the limited success that performance pathways currently offer. A message that will open the minds of administrators, coaches and especially players to different ways of thinking and different ways to improve!

Any questions are welcome

See you on a court soon

Cheers, Jon

The app

It is easier to book on using our app which you can get by going to  your phone's app store, search for app called Spaces. Download.  And then enter this code QTKFDS

Pricing Policy

Don't let a lack of money stop you from coming. We free tickets.  Contact you don't need to explain - He will  just give you the code.


  • Lets play ball

    We are a social enterprise. We use all profits to give those who are excluded or vulnerable to social exclusion a free experience of playing sports and games where everyone set's each other up to succeed. Where everyone constantly imagines other ways. Where everyone uses mistakes to find what is next and grow. Experiences to build a belief that they are not stuck as they are now. Thank you. Contact to get a free ticket

  • Pay it forward

    This "Pay it forward" ticket gives someone a free ticket to this event. They are typically people who suffer social exclusion because they think differently. They use our events to grow a belief in themselves that they can live a life of their making free from a fear of not being good enough in the eyes of others. Thank you!




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