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Sun, 04 Sept


Bushey Grove Leisure Centre

All ability - Bushey (11)

We play for the fun of it. And be more free-thinking. More openly imaginative. And we use our brains in the most effective way and figure out new ways to push the boundaries of our potential. A warm welcome is guaranteed.

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All ability - Bushey (11)
All ability - Bushey (11)

Time & Location

04 Sept 2022, 19:00 – 20:05

Bushey Grove Leisure Centre, Bushey Grove Leisure Centre, Aldenham Rd, Bushey WD23 2TD, UK


About the event

  • 7 to 8pm. Bushey Grove Leisure Centre, WD23 2TD
  • 50+ and adult beginner - Mixed - All ability.
  • There is a big "ish" with age. Basically if you prefer half court and a slower,  gentle, kind play -  come along.
  • Half court

Any questions contact me on

About Us

When we only learn how to play basketball - the task specific  expertise, tactical responsibilities, and general logic of the game -  we develop ‘knowledge-of’ basketball - sometimes called Basketball  Intelligence. But, we can lack the ability to utilise ‘knowledge-in’  the game - often called Game Intelligence. Where we  self-organise and work out for ourselves how to adapt to solve the  puzzle of what is happening in each given moment as a game unfolds.

When we don’t have Game Intelligence we limit our potential to making fewer mistakes as we execute our and our coaches Basketball Intelligence. We are overly mechanical, overly predictable, overly physical,  and overly serious. We can fear failure. Fear not being good enough. Give up and/or blame others.    

This session gives players of all abilities opportunities to play to grow their Game Intelligence and when this is harmonised with Basketball Intelligence players can spend their lives playing for fun if it. And be more free-thinking. More openly imaginative. And use their brains in the most effective way to figure out new ways to push the boundaries of their potential. A warm welcome is guaranteed.

Please note : We don’t enter teams into any competitions run by any sports governing bodies. Sports clubs are welcome to attend sessions to recruit creative agile-thinking players to play in their teams. Clubs are also welcome to send players to our sessions to figure out new ways to push the boundaries of their potential. Please note that NeuroDiverseGamesCoaching.ORG is not currently associated with, connected to, or affiliated with any sports governing bodies. NeuroDiverse Games Coaching helps everyone to play games in the space between all the sports clubs. 

What the players say

"They are fun. They are stress free. Jon - has a way of teaching that I don't feel I am are being told what to do. I am encouraged to make my own choices and then supported with the decisions I make. There is no wrong decision. Only learning opportunities. Jon always finds a way to make feedback constructive and positive to help me make my own evaluations about my performance and how I can improve. He is supportive while pushing you to always be better and reach maximum potential".

Help us grow

  1. Invite your friends. 
  2. Employers - by encouraging your staff to attend our events it is easier for them to step beyond the edges of their business processes to find ways to add to what works. 
  3. Educators - by encouraging your students to attend our sessions it becomes easier for them to see they can always diversify their thinking to find other ways.

The app

It is easier to book on using our app which you can get by going to your phone's app store, search for app called Spaces. Download. And then enter this code QTKFDS

Pricing Policy 

Don't let a lack of money stop you from coming. We have free tickets. Contact the help centre and we will give you a code to get free tickets.  


  • Lets play ball

    We are a social enterprise. We use all profits to give those who are excluded or vulnerable to social exclusion a free experience of playing sports and games where everyone set's each other up to succeed. Where everyone constantly imagines other ways. Where everyone uses mistakes to find what is next and grow. Experiences to build a belief that they are not stuck as they are now. Thank you. Contact to get a free ticket

  • Pay it forward

    This "Pay it forward" ticket gives someone a free ticket to this event. They are typically people who suffer social exclusion because they think differently. They use our events to grow a belief in themselves that they can live a life of their making free from a fear of not being good enough in the eyes of others. Thank you!




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